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Welcome to paulburnhill.net This site is here to introduce me, Paul Burnhill, to you and hopefully show what a useful guy I am to know!

I have over 18 years of design experience across print, online and mobile - if it needs graphics, I’ve probably done it! I’m a fast, reliable and focused designer who is easy to deal with and great with colleagues and clients. I care about the details and I’m ready to embrace new design challenges.

I’m based in Ormskirk, Lancashire, serving clients in Skelmersdale, Southport, Maghull, Kirkby, Liverpool and surround areas as well as remote clients throughout the North West and nationally. I’ve extensive experience of working for businesses of all sizes and can work onsite if required. I’m also available for contracted freelance work for studio’s and agencies.

I offer general Graphic Design services including business cards, brochures and advertising with a focus on digital design such as websites, Wordpress themes, email newsletters and mobiles sites. I can also help with domain names and other technical issues.

I’m passionate about technology and Apple in particular. I can usually be found in front of a Mac and have recently built my own “Hackintosh”. I try to keep up with the latest developments on the web and my bookshelf is full of technology books. I also enjoy photography.

So have a look around and if you like what you see, please drop me a line to let me know how I can help you and your business.

show you some of my work »

  • Packaging
    Client: SMR Creative/Slazenger Drinks

  • drinkzing.com
    Client: SMR Creative/Zing Foods

  • Packaging
    Client: SMR Creative/Reel Fish Company

  • Catalogues
    Client: SMR Creative/NHS Supply Chain

  • nofeardrinks.com
    Client: SMR Creative/No Fear Drinks Int.

  • tee-fork.com
    Client: Tee-Fork Ltd.

  • Publication Range
    Client: SMR Creative/HOPPE UK Ltd

  • aimiafoods.com
    Client: SMR Creative/Aimia Foods Ltd.

  • Packaging
    Client: SMR Creative/Tetley

  • phusis.co.uk
    Client: SMR Creative/Phusis Ltd.

  • Catalogues
    Client: SMR Creative/Economatics

  • catriskglobal.com
    Client: SMR Creative/CatRisk Global

  • Vending Machine Branding
    Client: SMR Creative/Kenco

  • Annual Report & Accounts
    Client: SMR Creative/Nichols plc (Vimto)

  • simplymadeeasy.co.uk
    Client: SMR Creative/Aimia Foods Ltd.

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07729 749 751


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This humble site is built using HTML5 and CSS3, the latest and greatest web standards. However, as with all my projects, I’ve ensured compatibility with older and less feature rich web browsers that are still in use, although I’d recommend that everyone runs a modern browser for security reasons. This compatibility is achieved using Progressive Enhancement; a process while allows browsers to display the features they support while ignoring those they don’t understand, all from the same code.

The site is also tablet and mobile friendly, using Responsive Design. This means elements will resize and reposition, depending on the window or screen size of the device. You can try this if you have a modern desktop web browser by dragging the browser window to make it larger or smaller - it’s fun! The magic that makes this happen is CSS3 media queries.

The mobile friendliness of the site continues with the portfolio section. The images within the portfolio resize and are swipe enabled for touch screens. This is a achieved using a Javascript library called JQuery, as is the slide down (accordion) menu feature.

If you have any questions regarding the technologies used on this site, or want to know how they could help you and your site, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.